Babysitter Interview Questions & Job Description

0 Finding the perfect sitterIt can be overwhelming when you first think of leaving your child with a complete stranger. Most of us, at some point, take that leap and bring someone into our home to care for our kids. Sitters are great for parents and for children. It gives parents some time off and…

Choosing a Preschool: Philosophies & Approaches

0 Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia there are so many choices. You will find when you start your research for the perfect preschool that there are many philosophies and approaches. Read below to learn more. THE MONTESSORI APPROACH Philosophy Montessori school programs emphasize the importance and connection of all living things, and the need for each…

Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Family

2 Academic vs. play-based, child centered,. teacher led, structured, parent co-op, religious, half day, full day Choosing a preschool isnt easy. There is so much written about how to choose a pre-school academic vs. play-based, child centered vs. teacher led, structured vs. free-play, parent co-op vs. no classroom volunteering, religious vs. secular, half day vs….

Helping Children Tap into Their Creativity

0 There are countless books on creative projects for children that can be done at home. On a bulletin board near my desk is a still life of flowers in a vase that my daughter drew and gave me years ago. I keep it there because it is a beautiful drawing, was a gift from…

Ordering the perfect holiday cards

0 It seems that once Halloween is over, we fast forward to the holidays which for many means a lengthy to do list that includes ordering holiday cards. I love this time of year because when I go to my mailbox, I find cards instead of bills! Facebook and Instagram are great for keeping up…

ParentClick is sunsetting

2 It is time to say goodbye After 14 years, is sunsetting. Parents and businesses will be able to access the website directory and community calendar through early Spring but we will no longer be sending newsletters after January 30th. We will continue to post updates on our Facebook page The ParentClick Kids Expo…

Preparing for College – start early & make it a family activity

1 This has been a year of learning for us as parents I was out last night with some of my original PEP moms and it seemed like a lifetime ago that we were talking about diaper rashes and pacifiers. We have watched our children grow up together. Last nightsdiscussion covered everything from the teen…

Preschool Interview Questions

0 A good preschool has solid, up-to-date credentials, clear rules and regulations, and firm policies on operating hours, pickup and drop-off times, and when children are too sick to attend. The ratio of caregivers to children varies, depending on group size. The National Association for the Education of Young Children recommends having at least one…


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