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Summer Safety Tips – The heat is on!

0 Summer is here! Its time to spend lazy days at the beach or flying off to sunny locales for family vacations, and swimming, swimming, and more swimming! Dont forget to slather on a protective SPF every day even if youre not at the beach or swimming pool. What kid doesnt want to be at…

Rhythms and reasons of allowances for kids

0 In order to provide experience and lessons around money, many parents, at some point, choose to give their children an allowance. If they dont have a planned allowance strategy when this time comes, its often to the rescue. As with most things, people have come up with good, better and best allowance systems….

What are age appropriate chores?

0 Choresare not always fun for adults or for kids but they are important for teaching kids responsibility. Young children will often get excited about helping their parents and older siblings because it makes them feel important so take advantage of this time when it is still a novelty and start with the basics. It…

Helping Children Tap into Their Creativity

0 There are countless books on creative projects for children that can be done at home. On a bulletin board near my desk is a still life of flowers in a vase that my daughter drew and gave me years ago. I keep it there because it is a beautiful drawing, was a gift from…

Raising a child with autism: one woman’s experience

1 Learning to live with the diagnosis and making every moment count Sarah Rasmussen is many things. She has many labels. Mother. Wife. Entrepreneur. Exercise Queen. Health Nut. Super Mom. Every day, the one that bounces around her brain like a 4-year old with a face full of neon blue icing from a birthday cake…

Put the “Giving” into “Thanksgiving”

1 Ten Tips to Help Parents Plant the Philanthropy Seed This Thanksgiving, help your children to follow in the footsteps of the holidays original Pilgrim and Native American celebrants by giving generously to others. On Thanksgiving, many Americans are preoccupied with turkeys, parades, football games, and even Black Friday sales. It seems that over time,…

Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Family

2 Academic vs. play-based, child centered,. teacher led, structured, parent co-op, religious, half day, full day Choosing a preschool isnt easy. There is so much written about how to choose a pre-school academic vs. play-based, child centered vs. teacher led, structured vs. free-play, parent co-op vs. no classroom volunteering, religious vs. secular, half day vs….

Preparing for College – start early & make it a family activity

1 This has been a year of learning for us as parents I was out last night with some of my original PEP moms and it seemed like a lifetime ago that we were talking about diaper rashes and pacifiers. We have watched our children grow up together. Last nightsdiscussion covered everything from the teen…


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