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What are age appropriate chores?


Chores are not always fun for adults or for kids but they are important for teaching kids responsibility. Young children will often get excited about helping their parents and older siblings because it makes them feel important so take advantage of this time when it is still a novelty and start with the basics.

It is important to take time to teach children to do their chore and not to assume that they know. Start off with the basics and slowly add as they get older and as they are more capable. Explain your family expectations… When are chores supposed to be done? Do your children get an allowance for doing their chores? Are there consequences when they do not do their chores? Sticker reward charts can be a great way to motivate children when they are young. For older children, regardless of whether you pay an allowance, remember to acknowledge your children for a job well done. Try not to nag your children about doing their chores. If they choose to delay or ignore them, apply the consequence.

Age appropriate jobs…

  • AGE 2-5 year olds can help with picking up their toys, feeding the dog, setting the table and simple things like taking something from one room to another.
  • AGE 6-8 year olds can help with making their beds, cleaning their rooms, unloading groceries, sorting, folding and putting away laundry with a parent, taking more responsibility for their pets, and taking out the trash.
  • AGE 9-12 year olds can help prepare meals, wash dishes, unload the dishwasher, and vacuum.
  • AGE 13-18 year olds can handle just about anything, the issue is more about balancing it with their homework and sports commitments… This is an important age to start giving them more responsibility and teaching life skills that they will need to learn for living on their own… learning to do a load of laundry, preparing a meal, grocery shopping, cleaning a bathroom, etc.

ALLOWANCE can be a sticky topic…Do you give allowance in your household? Is it tied to chores or not? How much is the right amount to give? When is the right time to implement an allowance? Unfortunately, there is not one magic formula but allowance can be a great way to teach kids money management skills. BANKS often offer accounts specific to children and teens which give an excellent avenue to teach money skills.



Share your tips and ideas for handling chores and allowance with your children below (what chores do your kids have to do? how much do they earn each week?)…


June 22, 2015

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