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Encouraging Baby Sign at Home


We all agree that our little one’s first five years are the most critical years of their development process. As parents we are eager to communicate with our little ones. However, most of our little ones spend the first 12 months attempting to communicate gesturally through Baby Sign till their vocal cords fully develop around their first year. Babies are aware that they are unable to speak like their guardians. Thus, resorting to frequent cries for their needs and wants. However, many parents are unaware that, other than crying, their baby is also attempting to communicate through sign language.

In this case Baby Sign, which is the use of manual signing in order to communicate with infants and toddlers. All guardians often unknowingly teach their little ones a very simple form of sign language, even if they don’t realize it. Signs like “Hi” and “Bye-Bye” are considered forms of Baby Signs. Once the baby realizes this successful form of communication during the stage of limited vocalization they flourish and are much at ease once they come to the epiphany that their “Mommy” understands what they are thinking through Baby Sign.

Babies will always be babies often resorting to communicating through crying. Though babies who sign become less frustrated than those whose parents and guardians do not notice or encourage the continued use of baby signs. A major benefit to parents encouraging baby sign is building a stronger bond between each other. This is a result of the little one understanding that her “owner” is aware of her inner thoughts without the use of vocalization.

A common misconception of Baby Sign is the fact that signing to your little one will hinder his desire to speak or speak at all. It is actually the opposite. Babies who use sign actually speak earlier than those babies who did not use baby sign. Even further, babies who sign express thing more conceptually and obtain a higher level of vocabulary and verbal skills. A few more benefits to Baby Sign are: an increase in IQ scores, broadening of concepts, less tantrums, social skills, more sleep for parent and child, expanded verbal development, and much more…

Helpful tips*
  • Many languages can be used interchangeably simultaneously with sign at any stage of their little lives.
  • All babies use Baby Sign.
  • We do not teach your babies. Rather we teach parents baby sign, techniques, and strategies to apply to everyday activities with their little ones.
  • Baby Sign encourages babies to speak even earlier than those families who don’t
  • Don’t worry, we do not use baby sign all day. There are designated times when to use baby sign effectively.
  • Baby Sign is known for assisting children with special needs before diagnoses.
  • Many parents wish they had signed with their kids.
  • Doctors and Nurses recommend Baby Sign to parents.

[Ajani & Laura Symmonds, Baby Sign Sessions was founded in 2014. We are a family-owned small business based in Santa Barbara. ]

September 9, 2015

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