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Raising Little Book Lovers


There is nothing better than when your child discovers the joy of reading. As parents, there are many ways we can support literacy within our own families. Read for 20 minutes every night with your child and teach them the joy of reading.As a lifelong reader, I couldn’t wait to share my love of books with my little one. I shoved a board book in front of his face as soon as he kept his eyes open long enough to make it through “Wheels on the Bus.” Reading to our kids at an early age provides them with reader role models, a robust vocabulary, bonding, and background knowledge. While we can’t always predict a child’s reading skills, we can cultivate a love of reading and being read to. Here are some tips:Read! Read out loud to children of all ages (yes, even middle schoolers!), read for pleasure around them, and carve out time/space for them to read.

Make books accessible. We keep our books at toddler height for easy access. I specifically bought book shelves that allow the books to face out to make them extra appealing. For older children, set up a reading corner, take trips to the library or bookstore together, and affirm independent reading choices.

Reread favorites and mix in new books. Today alone I read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at least ten times. But we also read poetry, books with few words, and books with a rich vocabulary. Mix it up!

Reading no longer is just about picking up a paper book, kids can read online, there are reading apps for the iPhone, and children’s books available on the Nook and the Kindle. Motivating your children to read can sometimes be a challenge when you are competing with television, computers, Nintendos and the Wii so try to limit the “SCREEN TIME” during the week.

What have you done to cultivate a love of books with your little ones? SHARE BELOW…

June 4, 2015

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