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Travel now, not later!


As the school year is ending, I am finding myself itching to get away with my family and explore. Sadly though, I am finding it harder and harder to fit in travel as my kids get older. They have more commitments with sports, summer jobs, internships and even summer school. I thought these would be the easy travel years with them being so independent but it did not occur to me that we would have other obstacles. And did I mention, teenagers would prefer to be with their friends rather than on a trip with their parents.

For those of you wondering when the right time to travel is, it is NOW! Start traveling when your kids are young even if it is for short getaways. They are more flexible, they still like hanging out with family and believe it or not, they don’t get bored as easily. There will never be a perfect time and your kids will never be a perfect age. Just take plenty of supplies, get as many tips as you can from seasoned travelers and pack up the kids.

And if you cannot get away, consider a staycation… I realize though that part of my longing to travel has more to do with disconnecting from work and schedules and spending some quality time with my family. This summer we will be focusing more on the “staycation” and figuring out how we can explore and create adventures here on the South Coast. The benefits to staying close to home… less expenses, less travel time, and a passport is not needed. But I also realize we need to “plan our staycation” and put it on our calendar otherwise the time will slip by and we will stay in our normal routine.

And for those of you who are behind on your summer planning, check out ourCamp Guide filled with exciting ways to keep your children entertained all summer!

June 2, 2015

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