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Teacher Appreciation Gift ideas


Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10. It is a time to thank teachers for all the big and little things they do for our child on a daily basis. “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from a book.”

Teachers have a challenging job and one that impacts our children for a lifetime. I can still remember the teachers that made a difference in my life and the one’s that were destructive to my self-esteem and learning. Not only are they responsible for teaching our children academic learning tools, they also teach children social skills. They incorporate different teaching styles to meet the needs of each student in their classroom. They understand our child’s strengths, weaknesses and quirks. They deal with an array of emotions from our children each day.

Between our 3 girls and over the past ten years of school, we have experienced at least 30 teachers so I would say, we now have an idea of what we think makes a good teacher. We have found our kids love to learn and thrive when they have teachers that are passionate about what they teach, fair and structured. They love teachers that are discussion oriented and teachers that share a little of themselves and become more real to them. I am so grateful to the teachers each year that I see my children really connect with because I know they are motivating my child to want to do their best.  I am always amazed when one of my daughters comes home telling me how difficult a teacher is and a month later, the dialogue has changed to…

  • “my teacher is hard but he loves history and is so interesting to listen to and we have great discussions.” (8th)
  • “I hate math but my teacher is really good at explaining it and everyone listens to her in that class and she is a really good teacher.” (7th)
  • “this class is so easy but it is boring and nobody pays attention.”(7th)
  • “my teacher is so sweet, she says we are like her family and she shares funny stories about her life.”(4th)
Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive. Have your child…
  • LETTERS & POEMS… It is always best when it comes from the heart. Encourage the kids to write notes and poems to their teacher and stagger them so that she/he receives some each day of the week.
  • BREAKFAST & COFFEE… Parents can each take a morning to deliver breakfast and/or coffee to the teacher.
  • PERSONALIZED GIFTS… There are plenty of fun items to personalize… coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, etc. Bring a potted plant with a special note attached.
  • RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS… Come up with things that you know your teacher could use and spend the week surprising her… wash her car, organize the classroom, show up with coffee and a treat in the afternoon… bring a picnic dinner basket for her to take home so she does not have to cook one night.
  • AFTER SCHOOL FUN… Plan a fun afternoon game of volleyball or softball for students, parents and teachers. Turn the mutli-purpose room into a mini spa and give the teachers pedicures and foot massages.
  • PHOTOS… Make a photo album of the school year for the teacher. Print a class photo and have it framed. Have the kids spell out the teacher’s name with their bodies and a parent can photograph and frame.
  • TEACHER’S LOUNGE SURPRISE… Decorate the teacher’s lounge and provide a potluck lunch for all the teachers.
May 5, 2015

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