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Moms, it is time to PAMPER yourself!


When is the last time you soaked in a bath or grabbed a coffee with a friend?

if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Moms, this week is focused on you! When is the last time you soaked in a bath or grabbed a coffee with a friend?

It is important to schedule twenty minutes in our day that we silence our phone, hibernate the computer, and walk away from all the things that we think need to be done. Use the time to clear our minds, relax and rejuvenate! And lets take it a step farther, schedule at least one day a month and one weekend a year where you do whatever you want… spend it with a friend or your spouse or alone!

Since I became a mother fourteen years ago, I promised myself that I would be selfish and take some consistent me-time. However this goal becomes a lower and lower priority, the busier my children’s schedules get. Me time usually consists of me going “alone” to the grocery store, running errands and shopping for my kids. I adore my children but the few times I have gotten away for a girls weekend, I come back a better mother. I am starting this year committed to more “me time”. Do you want to join me? I am going to PAMPER MYSELF at least once a quarter and I am going to CONNECT with FRIENDS at least once a week and last of all, I am going to go on a DATE with my husband at least once a month.

Share below how you take care of yourself as a mom or tips for prioritizing your time or ideas on how to spend your”me time”…

May 3, 2015

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