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Cleaning & organizing can be great therapy!


Spring is a great time get organized and simplify. It is an opportunity to spruce up your house, garage and garden! I find myself spring cleaning every quarter and it is usually because my daughters have outgrown clothes which in turns means I go shopping which then leads me to emptying their closet and sorting through mounds of clothing. It is a great feeling to fill up bags with toys and clothes that are outgrown and donate them to someone that can use them.

I make my family crazy with my constant organizing. I felt justified recently in my compulsive nature when I saw an episode of Hoarders recently and realized I would rather purge than hoard.

Why is it that cleaning is therapeutic for some people and stressful for others? When I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, I will clean out a closet or the garage. My husband thinks I am nuts but for some reason, this kind of physical activity is mindless and actually relaxes me. It is not so much that I like to clean but rather I like to have things clean and organized around me. I had the ideal college roommate years ago who cleaned every time she had a paper due or a big test… our house always looked better than her report card!

I find that the day to day process of keeping up with the household chores while managing my family and work can often be daunting and not as relaxing as organizing. We have a wonderful housekeeper that I look forward to seeing each week because she makes everything perfect for a day.

The rest of the week, we divide up the projects and get the whole family involved. Kids at every age can be helpful and it teaches them responsibility and ownership. When my kids were younger, I often had to redo their cleaning efforts but their willingness to help made it worth it. As teenagers, they are more capable but less interested in helping. So now I find creative ways to motivate them.

We recently did some remodeling which meant moving all of our furniture to put in new carpet and I was reminded of all the areas that I forget about because they are hidden, so from now on, my goal is at least once a year to get the dust, dirt and cobwebs in those challenging areas… behind the refrigerator and couches, under beds, the window screens and all those other places I would prefer to ignore.

The transition to a new season is a great time to purge your closets and do a little deep cleaning. Check out Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist to get started.


May 1, 2015

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