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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


How do you make the Easter Egg Hunt more exciting for older kids and still fun for the young ones?

Here are a few ideas to keep things exciting…

  • Parents do the hunting… The kids hide the eggs around the house and parents get to find them… the child whose egg is found last wins a prize.
  • Hunting with a checklist… This is great for an egg hunt with different age children or large family get togethers. Make an identical checklist for each child (ie: find 4 purple eggs, find 2 blue eggs, find 1 golden egg). Then give each child a basket with a checklist and crayon and have them find only what is on their list. Make sure to hide enough eggs to cover everything on the list. You can have a grand prize too, for whichever child completes his checklist first by finding all of the items on it the fastest!
  • Glow in the dark… Try an early evening hunt and give each child a flashlight. Hide eggs outside and you can even fill plastic eggs with lit glow sticks and candy.
  • Pick a color… Try assigning each child their own color to hunt for. This takes the pressure off the younger kids and allows them to hunt at their own pace.
  • Easter basket web… Try hiding Easter baskets in the house and tie a long string to each one. Loop the strings throughout the house, around and over and under furniture so it looks like a huge tangled spider web eventually leading to their rooms. Tie the end of each string to the doorknob of the child whose basket it’s attached to, so when they come out of their rooms on Easter morning they can follow their own string throughout the house to find their Easter basket.
  • Notes instead of candy… if you are trying to avoid all the sugar, try filling eggs with coupons that kids can redeem with you or you can fill them with small toys.
  • Scavenger Hunt… Click here for the free Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas printable. Just cut out the clues, place them in plastic eggs, and hide them in the other clue locations around the house.
March 30, 2015

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