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Showing good sporstmanship


March is the month for beginnings: Daylight Savings and the First day of spring! Regarding sports, March is the beginning of college basketball eliminations, aka “March Madness” and for baseball; it’s the start of “Spring Training.”

As a youth etiquette coach, there is a place for etiquette in sports known as “Good Sportsmanship” and with the arrival of March; I am reminded to share a list of good sportsmanship behaviors. Please feel welcome to review with your child, teen, and sports enthusiast the list below. Coaches, players, parents, and fans will appreciate your efforts to promote good will.

List of Good Sportsmanship*
  • 1. Know and obey the rules of the game.
  • 2. Never cheat. Be a fair player and play hard to win.
  • 3. Compliment other players on their skills, even players on the other team.
  • 4. Never blame or criticize team members. Be considerate and understand that everyone, even you, makes mistakes.
  • 5. Do not complain about: The rules, your coaches, or referees. Respect referees and judges. Leave constructive
  • criticism to coaches. It’s the players’ job to play their best.
  • 6. Win with grace and lose with grace.
  • 7. Do not make excuses for yourself or your teammates.
  • 8. If you feel you are the best player, keep it to yourself, your performance will speak for itself.
  • 9. Watch your curse words, and try to keep them to yourself.
  • 10. Treat the playing area as if it was your own. Pick up litter, repair any marks or breaks you leave, and return equipment
  • to where you found it.
  • 11. Remember why you are there, to have fun. Leave your temper at home.

May the best team/player win fairly and have fun enjoying the month of March in the process.


[AUTHOR: Etiquette of Ventura County, Ms. Lisa Lutz,]

*List provided by ASP

March 1, 2015

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