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Oscar worthy movie theater etiquette


As we approach Oscar night in February, many people are currently visiting theaters to see their favorite films. Here are a few etiquette tips to ensure everyone has a courteous stress free theater visit.

  1.  Listen and follow the theater short-clip-trailer asking patrons to please:  Turn off cell phones, no talking during the movie, and no taking pictures, those are a must-do.
  2. Keep hands, arms and legs in your seating space. If you have to share arm space, use only one side, leaving one arm space for someone else. “Share”
  3. Purchase snacks and drinks before the movie and be mindful to not snack loudly. For example, chewing, drinking and handling snacks during the movie, must be done very quietly.
  4. Enter the row facing the seated patrons. Your backside should be away from them, and whisper excuse me.
  5. If you take frequent restroom breaks, choose an “end” seat closest to the exit location.
  6. Be on time. If the movie started, ask the attendant to help find you a seat. Attendants’ usually have a “dimed” theater flash light that is theater appropriate.

There are many theater pet-peeves, but if we all consider others around us, and bring our manners to the theater, it will make the movie experience enjoyable for all, and may the best picture win!

~ By Lisa Lutz, Ettiquette of Ventura County

January 26, 2015

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