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Holiday Tip: Table Spacing


There is nothing worse than having a crammed table with people hitting each other while dining, and according to The American School of Protocol, try and keep dinner plates 30 inches apart.

By keeping the plates 30 inches apart, you are ensuring each person will have plenty of personal space while dining.

Recently, I attended a house dinner party in Silicon Valley, for 30 guests. The long tables were decorated down the middle and personal table spacing was impeccable. I learned the tables were rented and wider/higher than the average fold-up serving tables most of us use in our homes. The hostess explained, these long rectangle tables are 48 inches wide and 8 feet long, also known as “Kings Tables” and ideal for entertaining.

If you are anticipating seating several guests at your the table during the holiday’s, and wanting more space per table setting, consider renting a few “Kings Tables” and enjoy the extra room.

~ Happy Holidays from Lisa Lutz, Etiquette of Ventura County!

December 10, 2014

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