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The value of using a professional photographer


Recently a person I just met asked why they should book a family portrait photo session with a professional photographer when our whole lives are documented by everyone around us via cell phone and sites like Facebook. In a world where at every turn life is being documented by all it would seem like hiring someone special to capture your family in action would be redundant. Most amateurs may be able to document a moment, but not in a way that captures and communicates the layered emotional nuances of the moment. A professional photographer is able to capture the true essence of their subject most effectively because behind every frame that a photographer captures are years of thought and experience.

It is the unspoken elements like timing and the knowledge of light and how they affect the mood of an image. It is about getting the subject to relax and just be themselves so that the moment that is captured is authentic. It is knowledge of how to compose so that the picture does not have anything in it that does not aid in telling a story. We know it when we see a picture that is effective but we may not be able to articulate why it touches us. When you hire a professional photographer you are paying for so much more than someone to press a button for you. You are asking them to authentically capture a moment in time and to preserve that moment in time for eternity.

While visiting a friend whose mother had died I was reminded of the importance of photographs. I was privy to her discovery of 5 pictures of her mother as a young woman. Although it was only five pictures they gave us a glimpse into the world of her mother that was previously unknown to both of us. Knowing that the life we were glimpsing into was no longer in effect the pictures became extra meaningful. Here we had pictures of her mother sunbathing, her senior portrait, and sitting outside her cabin in Maine. There were no words that could describe how much these photos meant to her since her mother was no longer with her. Their discovery was a moment in which she was able to see and analyze a moment that involved the person she loved most. It was a way in which she connected with her mother when the possibility for living those moments together was no longer available.

Giving someone a photograph of a captured moment in time is a gift that has immeasurable rewards. We never can know in what way they will touch our heirs, but we can rest assured that they will be important for generations to come. Before the kids grow up and time passes you by book a photo shoot. You won’t regret it, and your kids will be so thankful to be able to see what their family was like while they were young. And when all of the possibility for shared moments are gone they will still have that moment that was captured to look at, and reminisce about. And more than likely, those will be moments of immeasurable joy.

[AUTHOR: Jezaira Knight]

October 25, 2014

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