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What is the right age to leave kids home alone?


It is amazing but there do not seem to be any requirements as to what age your children have to be to be left home alone. We started experimenting around 4th grade an hour at a time when the kids requested not to be included in the errands and grocery shopping. This was a win-win for all of us because I did not have them there complaining and they were able to stay home and read and do homework (at least that is what they told me they did).

We had to create some rules though so that we all felt comfortable and safe: 

  • Lock all the doors (although they are allowed to play in the back yard)
  • No friends or visitors
  • No wheels (no biking, skateboarding, rollerblading)
  • No cooking or knives (typically I try to go when they are already fed – one less thing to worry about)
  • Allowed: homework, reading, computer, playing games, (television is a rare exception if work is done since they are not allowed to watch during the week). They love the TV exception which means that they do not move until I get back
  • What do you think is the right age to leave kids home alone?
October 19, 2014

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