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Surviving the First Month with your Newborn


Yes, a new baby is a “bundle of joy” but that first month can be really challenging as you dive in to your new role as mommy.

Here is the best advice from local moms to help you survive:

Ask for Help – Don’t try to be super mom and handle it all by yourself. Ask your family to help change a diaper, do a load of laundry or shop for you at the store.

Lean on your partner for support –Your partner wants to help too. Make sure to include your partner with some of the additional tasks such as changing, dressing, bathing, etc.

Have a friend set up a Dinner Train – A great help is to have friends and family drop off dinner for you during the week. You don’t have to cook and your friends get a chance to meet the baby. It’s recommended to set up a dinner train for every other night so that you are not overloaded with too much food.

Schedule a Housecleaner (if it’s in your budget) – Don’t spend your limited free time mopping the floor, hire someone to keep the house clean.

Sleep when the baby sleeps – Sometimes hard to do, but it will help you to be more alert when the baby is awake.

Keep a journal for when the baby eats, naps, poops – This will help you in determining when the baby is hungry or tired and will get you on a schedule.

Ease into your new diet – If you choose to breastfeed than you will be very hungry. Allow yourself to eat and don’t worry if you haven’t lost all your baby weight. You need those extra calories to keep up your energy.

Stay Connected with friends, family and new parents – You can feel isolated with all your time being spent caring for your newborn. Make a point to stay connected.

Keep a camera out – Those precious moments happen all the time. Be ready with a camera at all times.

Get out of the house – Fresh air is wonderful for your spirit. Try out that new stroller and get outdoors.

Just know the newborn stage doesn’t last forever – You might be so overwhelmed but enjoy this stage because it all goes by so fast. Your baby will eventually sleep through the night and no longer be so little and you will miss it.

Don’t expect perfection – Make sure to be open to the idea that things might not turn out exactly how you had initially envisioned and its okay. Prior to baby, you might have grand ideas about breastfeeding, not using a pacifier, and then things change. You will be a great mom no matter what ends up happening.

September 9, 2014

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