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Getting back to financial basics


Lemonade stands, mowing lawns, babysitting, dog-sitting … do you remember all the creative ways you could earn money for that special item you had your eye on? It seemed so easy when we were young and carefree! Fast forward to today and making money is central to our responsibilities as we raise a family.

If caught in the crossfire of the economic downturn over the last seven years, families are spending hard-earned money on today’s priorities that need to be allocated for the future. We grew up in a culture of spend now, have it now, pay later. With the lessons learned over this period, there is a sense of obligation to teach the next generation how to stay out of the “spend now, pay later” trap.

As I meet with families and clients, it is apparent they recognize the importance of their long-term goals, e.g. retirement and college funding. More than ever, they are ready to make budgetary sacrifices and are willing to stick to the plan.

Families are starting to talk openly about what it means to budget and save for their future, being resourceful and minimizing their current debt. We are shopping at thrift stores, fixing appliances and driving our cars longer. We are willing to say, “That is not in the budget” to our children, friends and family. Having friends over for a great evening at home is making a comeback. What a relief it is for many who are taking control and feeling in charge of their future!

Do you need guidance with your financial matters? I focus on helping families in any form of transition with life and their finances. Whether you are newly married, changing jobs, retiring or just getting started with your planning, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to offer financial education and guidance. I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kathleen White, Financial Advisor, Ventura, CA 805-217-2189

Kathleen White is an Investment Advisor Representative. Securities and investment advisory services are offered solely through Ameritas Investment Corp. (AIC). Member FINRA/SIPC. AIC and PHP are not affiliated. Additional products and services may be available through Kathleen White or PHP that are not offered through AIC

August 6, 2014

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