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Staycation or Vacation?


Does this sound like your last vacation? You dropped a couple grand, spent hours in a car or on a plane with one or more children that incessantly asked you for something or if you were there yet… then squeezed into one room where you endured several sleepless nights (as your child adjusted to a new place, time zone, and/or altitude)… and just when sleep was an option again… traveled back home to then work to reestablish your normal routine. After all that time and money spent seeking sanctuary you might ask yourself, why am I more tired after my vacation than before?

At this juncture, a staycation starts to sound really good. You can spend a small fraction of the cost, enjoy great adventures and quality time with your family, and with all the comforts of home! You might even come out of it feeling rested.

Here are ideas for a fun-filled Santa Barbara staycation:
  • Enjoy a few days exploring our south coast beaches to find your favorites
  • Picnic and hike on one of our many mountain trails with gorgeous views
  • Ride the train to Carpinteria for the day
  • Camp in your backyard
  • Spend a day at a local resort hotel; get some spa treatments and a meal and often they grant you pool access for the day
  • Rent a 4-wheel surrey bike, visit the Maritime Museum and ride the Little Toot at the Pier.
  • Explore local attractions like the Botanical Gardens, Mission and Natural History Museum, Art Museum or Zoo on your own schedule
  • Go bowling mid-week to enjoy a less crowded time on the lanes
  • Pick blueberries and see the llamas in Santa Ynez
  • Enjoy a mid-week music or movement class at Peanuts
  • Get a sitter and go out for a nice dinner and dancing
With the extra savings, you can invest in some new essentials to support the summer fun. A few of our favorites include:
  • Melissa & Doug’s sand, pool, and garden toys
  • Bella B’s organic sunscreen available in lotion and non-aerosol spray. Great for all ages and safe for babies!
  • Nano board shorts and rash guards
  • Love U Lots’ adorable one piece toddler bathing suits
  • Zutano baby sun hats and bubbles
  • Yikes Twins whimsy hooded towels
  • Wishing you lots of R&R!

[AUTHOR: Nicki Zuchowicz Horne, Peanuts Maternity & Kids ]

July 9, 2014

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