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Where can I buy and use Fireworks?


As we all prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July with friends and family, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind county residents that fireworks are illegal throughout Ventura County, with the exception of Fillmore, which only allows “safe-and-sane” fireworks.

Fireworks fall into two categories: dangerous and safe-and-sane. Dangerous fireworks are best described as any fireworks that explode or have the capability of being shot through the air. Safe-and-sane fireworks are all others, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Every year certified Fillmore nonprofit organizations participate in the “Safe & Sane” fireworks fundraiser. “Safe & Sane” fireworks may be purchased from Fillmore firework stands June 28 through July 4. Patrons can sign up to receive a $10 coupon for fireworks at

Fireworks may only be discharged within the Fillmore City Limits. Fireworks may not be transported outside of the City of Fillmore City Limits. The use or possession of fireworks outside of Fillmore could result in a fine and or jail term. Fines differ throughout the county but can be up to $1,000, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, driving under the influence and discharging a firearm into the air are two very dangerous acts that also have become associated with the July 4 holiday, according to the Sheriff’s Department. Discharging a firearm into the air is a felony punishable by one year in state prison.

June 28, 2014

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