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Travel Packing Checklists


Include all the things you need to pack as well as things that need to be done before you leave. Consider letting the kids pack their own bags, pick outfits etc. That way, when you get there all the RIGHT things will be packed!

Bring a small backpack with a change of clothes and books and activities for each kid. They can carry it themselves on the plane. Each child gets one backpack for their toys, stuffed animals, etc. This gives them ownership of their “”stuff”” and helps to keep their seat relatively organized. At the end of each day of the “”road trip””, they have to put their stuff back into their backpack so that nothing gets left along the road.


Extra outfits for the trip in case of accidents. (Dress in easy layers in case the weather changes.)Blankets (good to have an extra)Diapers (pack extras for the trip), wipes, dipaer ointment. (A pillow case works great for travel-it is small and easy to put the baby on for changes.)Plastic bags are great in case of an accident or to put dirty diapers until you can get to a trash.Extra sippy cups, bottles, pacifier, bibs (disposable ones are great for travel)Food, formula, water, juice (Always pack extra formula since it is more difficult to find. It helps to pre-measure & put in small containers/ziploc bags.)Crayons & paper for everywhere you go!Favorite toy or blanket.Trash bags for diapers, Sanitizer wipes for a quick hand & face clean-up and fever reducer medicine.Baby wipes are great for cleaning strollers, tables, hands and more.


When packing your suitcase, try rolling Your clothes to keep out the creases. Lay the item face down, fold back the sleeves and then roll from the bottom up. Rolling works well with pants, skirts and sports shirts.

Breast pump (ice packs, bags for storing)Monitor (good for all ages especially if you are staying in a large place)Nightlight – this is helpful in hotel rooms so that kids can find their way to the bathroom or for late night diaper-changes.Sunblock & sunhatCarseat (you can also rent at most car rentals)Compact stroller Sling, child carrier, baby backpackPack-n-play (If you can borrow one at your destination, much easier than transporting)Fold up booster seat with tray (can fit in a duffle)Camera & money (Always have an extra stash of money for possibilities beyond what you’ve planned.)Baby monitor! If you stay at a hotel, get a room near the pool and during nap time enjoy a swim in solitude. Portable DVD player/videos. We use this on the plane/rental car or attach to hotel TV.


Who is feeding the animals?Did you clean the perishables out of the refridgerator?Did you empty all the trash cans? Did you put a hold on the MAIL? You can do this online at or call (800) ask-usps. They will drop all your mail off when you return from your trip and there is no extra charge.Did you stop the newspaper?Who is watering the plants? Put all the indoor plants in one place to make it easy for the person watering. Does that person have a key? Do you need cash or travelers checks?Do you have your passport & plane tickets?

May 12, 2014

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