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Finding and Keeping a Great Household Employee


For some families, hiring a nanny or housekeeper is a straightforward and easy relationship. For the rest of us, we learn to ease into a successful working relationship with those in our home through patience, research, and trial and error.

Here are a few tips we have observed in helping families find and keep a great household employee.

Know what you are looking for
Do you want help with the laundry, driving the kids? Will you reimburse gas or have the nanny drive a family car? Will your schedule change week to week or remain consistent? The more that is outlined in advance, the less problems there will be and less time searching for the right candidate.

Start with a target price range
Work with a price range and use it on your posts to advertise your job. This will save time meeting with candidates who aren’t compatible. To keep costs down, reduce the requirements on the job description. We always like to consider rates as not only compensation but as an element that leads to retention of the employee – and retention tends to be very important to our clients.

Lead as you’d like to be led
Nannies, like the rest of us, are always grateful of paid vacation time, bonuses on the holidays, and a happy and productive work environment. They respond to constructive criticism and open communication so they can do the best job possible. Help by making lists of expectations by the week or day, and outline the schedule so the whole family is on the same page.

Trust yourself
You are the only one who can decide if a nanny or housekeeper is right for your family. If the relationship isn’t working, decide on the best way to part and make your changes.

[AUTHOR:Kasey Edwards]

May 4, 2014

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