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Time for Happy Miles


The Truth About Car Purchases

It’s summer so gas prices are typically higher (as well as other things like butter because milk fat is being snapped up by the ice-cream makers.) But cars! Cars are a different story altogether. While everyone
is waiting for year-end to buy the close-out 2012’s some franchises are already out with their 2013’s. Some ’13 models have been out since mid-spring. The point is the 2012’s might not be around as the time for low rates and slow sales appears to be ending.

While we wait to exhale and take yet another deep breath to battle about the looming election, the one thing upon which we all agree is getting a deal when money is tight is even sweeter than ice-cream on a
hot summer’s day.

There are tons of internet sites with many a sage word of advice on the how’s and where’s to purchase but what about when? For a new car the real answer for almost everyone is- as soon as you decide what you need, you should buy. How strange does that sound? The facts are simple.

1. Your car (unless a classic) will not be worth more than it is worth TODAY.
2. The vehicle that you are buying will most likely cost more next year.
3. Sales have been slow and dealers are eager to move their remaining 2012 stock.
4. Rates still hover around historic lows with incentives available in nearly every line of cars.

Current auto technology frequently offers hands free technology so your vehicle, albeit more complicated, will offer you the easiest ways to comply with the law while keeping you and your family safe with eyes on the road. Logging those “end of summer” miles can be safer and cost effective.

Finally, the savings on the 2012’s will let you buy a couple extra ice creams on the trip and if you ask for 45 days until your first payment you can still do that back to school shopping. You’ll thank me in
December when budget is tight and every December after when registration would be due had you
waited for year end.

Happy Miles!

[AUTHOR: Dana Ochoa]

May 3, 2014

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