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Feeding My Picky Eater


Fruits & Veggies Even the Pickiest Toddler Can Love

During my pregnancy, I had lofty dreams of what it would be like to feed my child his first solids. I could picture myself steaming beautiful vegetables from the farmer’s market while Cruz banged pots and pans at my feet. He would delightfully eat a full spectrum of organic fruits and veggies and then ask for more. I bought a cute steamer and even cute small tubs for freezing all these lovingly prepared purees. Ah, the dreams of someone who is not yet a mother.

Then reality, obviously, set it. After a week of making our own baby food, only to have to go to waste when it was refused, I gave up and bought baby food by the crate.

Now I have the world’s pickiest toddler living in my home. A toddler who would like nothing more than to subsist entirely on yogurt, cereal bars, and… more cereal bars. I don’t love the fact that I have to sneak fruits and veggies into his diet, but I want to make he’s getting complete nutrition. Here are some great ways to make sure your littles ones are getting the best (realistic) nutrition they can:

Pureats Organic Baby Food Made In Your Local baby food guru Krissy Macklin will take all the work out of preparing homemade baby food. Delicious, nutritious, and locally produced!Juice Plus+ Work with Maria and Todd at Juice Plus+ to get “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables” for your kids (and you too!).Bitsy’s Brainfood These are perfect toddler snacks baked with organic ingredients, real fruits and vegetables, and taste delicious. My son can’t get enough! The Snack Pack comes with additional recipe ideas, which inspired me to start serving him fruit infused water! Major success.Sprout. Sprout Organic Baby Food has a full line of squeezable pouches and meals for young babies and toddlers. All their products are designed to deliver optimal nutrition and are packed full of superfoods. Best of all, my kid will always take a “crusher” and I feel good knowing how good it is for him.Smoothies Most mornings we do a green smoothie. I love starting the day knowing I’ve already stuffed myself with spinach!

How do you feed your picky eaters? Share your tips and tricks below!

[AUTHOR: Becca Eliasen]

April 22, 2014

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