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Giving Support to the Heroes in Our Community

Did you know that in Santa Barbara thousands of grandparents are raising their grandkids? Rather than spoiling their grandchildren and then sending them home, they are home.

In large part grandparents raise grandchildren as a result of drugs, alcohol and incarceration. So what is that like for a grandparent that was looking forward to retirement and then having to basically start over? The retirement fund is quickly depleted as the cost of raising kids increases. Life drastically changes as they are thrown in to little league, gymnastics and soccer.

Imagine the hardships they endure. Imagine losing friends because over diaper bags and bottles. Imagine missing vacations and travel because there is no money, time and frankly, energy. Imagine getting ridiculed, and told if you did it right the first time your children would be raising their kids, not you. If the grandparent has been married a second time it puts a huge strain on the relationship because one of the adults isn’t really the grandparent. But through all the stress, the judgment and the hardships these grandparents make this world a better place by having the courage to say, “YES, I will raise my grandchildren.”

These grandparents are HEROES! They step up to the plate and refuse to allow their grandchildren to go into foster care or adopted by another family at the risk of never seeing them again. Thank you, grandparents!

If you know a grandparent raising their grandchild give them a pat on the back. Better yet, buy a pizza and give them the night off!

I have the honor to work with these great folks through the Santa Barbara City College – Foster and Kinship Care Program. (Kinship means a relative raising a relative or kin.) Please contact me if you have any questions – Judy Osterhage 965-0581 ext. 3433

Kinship & Non-Relative Care Providers Support

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

10:00 AM – noon

South Coast Church – 5814 Cathedral Oaks Road – Goleta

[AUTHOR: Judy Osterhage]

April 4, 2014

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