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Ideas for Reducing Water Use


Conserve Water During the Drought

The City of Santa Barbara declared a Stage One Drought on February 11th. Businesses and residents are encouraged to reduce their water usage by 20%.

Right now the best way to save water is to reduce landscape water use as much as possible and check for leaks. Due to recent rain, everyone’s sprinkler timer should be off for at least 10 days after it rains or until soil dries out. Also, make sure your toilets aren’t leaking, often silently, and look for drips – faucets, fixtures, hoses and plumbing in kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances.

About 50% of water used in the City goes to landscape watering and this area has the biggest potential for water savings. For comparison, an average 5 minute shower uses 10 gallons total, while watering an average lawn for 15 minutes uses 700 gallons!

The City is asking businesses and residents to reduce landscape water use now by:

Making sure sprinkler systems are not overwatering or spraying onto the driveway or street. Observe irrigation in use – look for broken sprinkler heads, missing emitters, cut drip lines, and saturated areas.
Currently all sprinkler timers should be set at “rain off.”

We are all in this together. To schedule a free water checkup at your home or business, call 564-5460.

March 5, 2014

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