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Help! I Think My Child Needs a Tutor!


You’ve just been to your parent-teacher conference. The teacher began with lots of positives about your child. Then you either heard that your child was doing very well and was not having any problems learning the curriculum, or your child was “having difficulty with” a particular subject, or subjects. You may be wondering if a tutor would be helpful to your child. There are many reasons to answer yes:

1) With approximately 30 students in the typical classroom, it is unlikely that your student will get much one-on-one time with the instructor. Yet research shows that one-on-one is the most effective way to teach and learn. A tutor can zero in on exactly what your child needs, and what the next step in their learning process should be. This is efficient and accelerates learning.

2) Parents can become frustrated when trying to help their child themselves, because their emotions are involved. A tutor is objective and skilled at building confidence in students.

3) Tutors have a rich background in the subjects they teach. Their enthusiasm about the material can be contagious.

4) Knowing how to balance schedules and due-dates for older students is a skill that has to be taught. A once-a-week session with a tutor can help your child organize their studies for the coming week and have a good “plan of attack.”

5) If your daughter or son is already doing an excellent job in their class, a tutor can enrich their learning and take it do a deeper level. For example, they can become better writers, which will improve all their work, present and future.

To sum up, an effective, nurturing tutor can be a very positive factor in your child’s academic development. Tutoring may be the key to experiencing confidence as a learner, and success in school.

Nancy Rose, retired credentialed teacher, excellent local references, fluent in Spanish. For private tutoring call 805.452.7855

[AUTHOR: Nancy Rose]

February 18, 2014

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