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7 Weeks Traveling with our Kids


We have had the privilege to take our daughters to Europe for seven weeks this summer. We rented out our house, packed up our computers so we could work remotely and convinced our children they could live without their friends for two months. We are now in our fourth week and it has been an amazing adventure. We spent our first 3 weeks in Paris and the past week on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia on a boat. Our last few weeks will be spent exploring Italy.

It is not always perfect because when you are non-stop together as a family, you do get on each others nerves. I realized after a few days what a big deal it is to spend 24/7 time with your kids when we are all used to at least 6-8 hours apart when they are in school and at sports. We all had to adjust to each other and learn patience. This has only brought us closer. Our daughters were really missing their friends at the start but the longer we were in Paris, I saw them relaxing and acclimating to a new culture. They became comfortable ordering in French with the handful of words they learned. They learned about the Euro and converting from the dollar. They have tried different foods, visited many museums and climbed to the top of several monuments. We have been a car only twice and the rest of the time has been walking, biking and swimming.

This past week living in small quarters on a boat in Croatia, I have watched them master wake boarding and snorkeling. Our youngest who is ten years old is also our most cautious. She said to me yesterday while we were swimming in the Adriatic, “Mom, I am glad I have a family who pushes me to try things.” She was scared to go white water rafting but after her first rapid, she could not wait for more. Her first day on the boat, she said there was no way she was diving down with her sisters to check out all the fish and the reefs but by day two, her curiosity got the better of her and now she cannot stay out of the water. I am so grateful to share this experience with our family before they start high school in the Fall.

We have done a blog to journal our experience so the girls will have something to look back on. OUR BLOG >

August 1, 2013

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